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Bitter Fruit Review is a magazine founded by teens, for teens. We'd like to open our doors to kids who feel like they aren't being heard, to the quiet voices who have loud things to say. Tell us what's on your mind, what bothers you at night, what you love to wake up to in the morning! We're at a time in our lives where the voices of teenagers are the most important, and we'd like to give you a space to elevate it. We're a place for loud voices and soft songs, for the bittersweet and the sweetbitter. We want your authentic work, the unmistakable you! We publish on a tri-annual basis, open for artists, writers, poets, and more. 


CO-FOUNDER AND EDITOR IN CHIEF// Annika Inampudi is an award winning poet, writer, and student from New Jersey. She loves pdfs and watching re-runs of late 2000s tv shows in her free time. She's been nationally recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards twice for her prose pieces. She's currently a managing editor for her school's literary magazine Prisms. You can read her new book, Devotion, here.

CO-FOUNDER AND EDITOR IN CHIEF// Samantha Parelli is a writer, activist, and fashion aficionado from Madison, New Jersey. In her free time, you can find Samantha polishing her latest short story or running track. She's the recipient of a 2018 Governor's Award, and her work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and the Writers Theatre of NJ. 

PROSE EDITOR// Katie Grierson is a creative writing student who’s on a quest to find the perfect vegan cookie recipe. Her work has been recognized by the YoungArts Foundation and the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and she has been named a Presidential Scholar in the Arts Semifinalist. She’s also the prose editor for the Lumiere Review. When she’s not writing her novel it’s probably because her cat is sleeping on her keyboard.

PROSE EDITOR// Noor Mryan is a passionate writer, storyteller, and activist from Chicago, Illinois. As the Head of Copy for her school’s ‘El Diablo’ Yearbook, she is determined to write and tell stories, while also attempting to make her readers feel understood. Noor is a part of her school’s speech team and the Captain of her poetry team, where she uses writing to spread her message in a more competitive environment. When she’s not embroidering an old pair of jeans, she’s likely trying out a new cookie recipe or overthinking what form of punctuation she would be!

ARTS EDITOR// Silvy Zhou is an artist from New Jersey who works in ceramics, printmaking, and illustration. At school, she interns for the Writing, Art, and Music “WAM” Blog and designs set pieces for theater productions. Aside from the visual arts, she enjoys horseback riding and spending time on playgrounds with her dog. Her mixed media work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

POETRY READER// Katelyn is a student journalist, poet and literature lover from Kentucky. She is currently enrolled in university and is majoring in communications with a minor in writing. Katelyn is a contributor to her university's news outlet Knights Media Network and works as VP of Public Relations for student government. In her spare time she enjoys listening to music, watching Wes Anderson films and buying copious amounts of plants for her room.

STAFF CONTRIBUTOR// Elan Lakes is a poet and photographer from North Plainfield, New Jersey. Elan has had his photos and poems published in his school’s literary magazine, Prisms. When not writing or taking pictures, he can be found singing, playing the trombone, or running track and cross country.

STAFF CONTRIBUTOR// Olivia is a passionate writer and researcher who has been featured with her creative work in Newark Academy’s literary magazine, Prisms. Recently, her research paper on genetic testing in patients with macular degeneration has been accepted into the renowned retina magazine Ophthalmic Surgery, Lasers, and Imaging Retina. In her free time, Olivia enjoys participating in and watching theater as well as spending time with her dog, Milo.  

STAFF CONTRIBUTOR// Kadyn is a writer, activist, and actress from Richmond, Virginia. She’s also a part of many clubs at her school. Kadyn does research and helps interview for her school’s yearbook and newspaper. She is on many political organizations, being chair of many of them. When she’s not busy with school or political work, you can find her playing pretend on the stage. She recently won Hanover Idol runner-up for her county!

“Censor the body and you censor breath and speech at the same time. Write yourself. Your body must be heard.”
― Helene Cixous, The Laugh of the Medusa

STAFF CONTRIBUTOR// Soha is a queer sixteen-year-old girl living in a small town in South India. Her hobbies include watching Ghibli movies, reading, writing and listening to Arlo Parks. Her passions include Spanish tv shows, cartoon shows and exploring queerness in the best way possible. 

STAFF CONTRIBUTOR// Lily is a writer and actress living in New York City. She has read original poetry at a Young Writers Present event at Columbia University, as well as had her work published in Antediluvian Twilight, a seasonal literary magazine to showcase the work of high school students. She recently joined her school's fencing team and Science Olympiad division, wherein she and her event partner won two medals in the 2020 regional competition. When she's not in a ball fangirling over Grey's Anatomy for the nth night, you can usually find her singing, writing, or obsessing over tea and perfume.

STAFF CONTRIBUT0R// Michael Pyo is a writer and mixed-media artist from Morristown, New Jersey. He serves on the executive board of his school's literary magazine, Prisms, and is a staff writer for the school’s newspaper. Michael specializes in social media design and photoshop. Michael is a foil fencer on the All-American and NJ All-State teams and has participated in NJ All-State Choir. He also enjoys playing his baritone saxophone with the award-winning NJYS Jazz Orchestra.

STAFF CONTRIBUTOR// Heather is a short story writer, journalist and poet from West Sussex, United Kingdom. If she isn’t reading or writing short stories, she will definitely be found horse riding in open fields. She also enjoys acting, having performed in The Browning Version and Ten Times Table at a dramatic society. Following her internship at a local magazine, she has since been published.

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