la vie en bleu


1. An Ode
You help me understand the world.
Except the world does not come and go
In 10 seconds.
You are not dead but
Now your content is.

2. An Apology
To the beautiful template to
Share the images
We capture, in square:
I'm sorry that you had to resort to
The fleeting moments
Because that was what you believed
Was right

3. A Declaration
I find comfort in your page.
You are always there for me and for you.
I can laugh, dance, and cry
For hours and never get tired of
The content that catches my eye

4. La Vie en Bleu
I can now see
Your dandruff
Inhabiting your scalp in
your colorful hair.
You’re enthralled, captivated.
Your face is bright with light,
But it’s as if it covered your ears

You can’t hear me and I am now alone with my thoughts

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