In Loving Memory

Olivia Madreperla

I never met you, but I miss you every day From the beginning, I felt an absent presence An apparition in the confines of my heart
I could never place it
My finger hovering above, but never touching
I knew you were gone before I knew you were there Your soft skin grazing my heart
While your remains lay beneath me
Your sound never fully evaporated
A thick blanket over familial pleasantries
Your hands, the size of my index finger
Wrapping around not for life, but for love
I would look at you
A soft expression of appreciation lying quietly beneath A smile would tug at my cheeks
As you stared up
Those eyes never to know the loss
The emptiness of adulthood
I see you in my dreams
My only way to enjoy you
A figment of my subconscious
The soft hairs on your head
Sparse to recognize how little time you had To represent how little time you would have
A person despite your silence Your giggle a forever reminder Of the precious imbalance of life The jubilance of a new member Your heart untouched
Perfectly intact

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