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Artists That Have Saved My Sanity During Quarantine

by Olivia Madreperla, Staff Contributor

Through these unfortunate times of involuntary isolation, I have found myself becoming increasingly dependent on music to keep me entertained. Before the stay at home order, I could easily latch onto a set of thirty songs for a few months until I would get bored and I would have been enthralled in the same songs long enough that new ones came out. So, I would have a plethora of the latest tunes from my favorite artists to peruse once I had decided to drift away from the previous thirty song repertoire. However, I have found myself having an insatiable hunger for something to fill the silence of my home as it seems to be deafening lately. So, I have found myself falling into a type of wormhole that I had not yet experienced before now as I have been provided with enough time to dive slightly too deep into the reserves of Spotify. However, lucky for you, my never-ending pit of time has allowed me to provide you with the fruits of my research!

The first artist that I discovered within the confines of the last 46 days is Sam Creighton. Sam Creighton recently graduated from Northeastern and was a prominent member in their acclaimed collegiate a cappella group, The Nor’easters. In her senior year, she held several solos within the group’s repertoire which you can also find on Spotify. As a trained vocalist who has participated in several auditioned groups over the course of her young life, her voice is absolutely astonishing. The ability she has to control her voice and, more specifically, her belt induces shivers. After graduating from Northeastern, she has struck out on her own as a solo artist. Although she has yet to release an album, she currently has six songs on her Spotify page that represent her enormous range as an artist. I highly suggest checking out her songs “Smile” and “Someone Else’s Party”. Sam Creighton is definitely a more pop artist, but fear not! I promise I’m slightly more versatile.

The second artist I would like to highlight is the love of my life, Ben Platt. Although he is another pop artist, his music takes on a slightly more acoustic vibe than Creighton’s. As some of you may know, Platt is most well known for his role as Evan Hansen in the tony award winning broadway musical, “Dear Evan Hansen”. It can be inferred from his place in such a prestigious role that his voice is able to do the part. Ben Platt’s voice can be described as, with the least amount of exaggeration possible, lavender silk. Silk because it is as smooth and unobstructed as the surface of silk, and lavender because it is a soft, beautiful color that reminds me of the soft wind of spring. His voice is heaven here on earth. In all honesty, his entire EP “Sing to Me Instead” is worth listening too. In tandem with such, make sure to listen to his cover of “Vienna” by Billy Joel.

The third artist I would like to highlight is “LOVA”. LOVA was actually an artist recommended by the website Obscurify based on the other music I listen to. I was slightly skeptical as I wasn’t entirely sure an algorithm could decode the entirety of my music taste. I was wrong. This is why they make movies about robots taking over the world. LOVA not only provides an upbeat, electric sound and soft, gravely voice, but her most recent EP aptly named “A Gentleman’s Guide” is her own ode to feminism. The entire EP tells all men who believe it is alright to use women as sex objects to go f**k themselves. It is a beautifully empowering piece that I enjoyed all the way down to the last note of the final song.

The last artist I feel the need to highlight is my new found love interest, Vincint. Vincint was a recent contestant on the vocal competition show “The Four”. After leaving the show, Vincint signed onto a label and began putting out his own music and, let me say, it is some of the best beat heavy pop music I have ever heard. In this time of going absolutely stir-crazy, having music that I can plug in and dance to while I cook the plantains my mom accidently bought in bulk at Costco thinking they were bananas is absolutely ESSENTIAL. As far as specific recommendations, his entire EP “The Feeling” is filled with upbeat BOPS that I needed to get me through this infuriating time of stillness and being locked in with my parents. Feel free to reach out to me @oliviarenee5 on instagram with reviews of any of these artists or any artists you might have for me, and remember, be calm and find something you love to do. You might find out about something you never knew you could enjoy.

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