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Annika Inampudi, Editor in Chief

Hello all! The Winter 2020 deadline for the bitter fruit review is almost upon us! Submit by December 31st for a brilliant, decade-honoring worthy gift from us, the bitter fruit review gang!

Keeping true to our nature as absolute fiends for fruits, I thought it would be nice to compile a pretty list of poetry inspired by fruits. (Briefly, i considered calling us fruitarians, which I guess is the human equivalent of the frugivore, but that sounded gross and if you are reading this, you are more than what you consume)

In a Wikipedia-induced spiral last week, I burrowed myself into the etymology of the word "fruit." What a common yet mysterious word! Where does it come from? Our modern day conception of the word "fruit" comes from the latin "fructus", an enjoyment, a delight, a satisfaction. People ask us all the time why we chose the name "bitter fruit review." This magazine is for that first bite of the unripe fruit, the bitter aftertaste of it all. Take a bite, find out what we're made of.

Enjoy this little compilation of our favorite fruit poetry, and let it aid you in your creative journeys!

Thank you for sticking with us during 2019, and don't forget to submit to the bitter fruit review by January 31, 2020!

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