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Meet the Staff: Elan Lakes

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My first dabble into creative writing was kind of an embarrassing experience for me. I wrote this sonnet for this girl and to say the least, the outcome was NOT favorable. Still, this was my first real attempt at writing something from scratch that wasn’t for school. The embarrassment kept me from writing for quite a stretch of time. When I did begin to write again I discovered that it was one of the best outlets for negative emotions I was feeling. This helped me to not only make my writing more serious, but it helped me to feel connected to what I was producing. Still, I had not yet gained the confidence to share my writing beyond my inner circle of friends. It wasn’t until I wrote Langston Hughes-themed poems for an American Writers project during my sophomore year that I really gained confidence in sharing my poetry with the public. My late English teacher was an extremely positive force that gave me so much assurance in my own abilities. I aim to never stop writing because of the encouragement that she gave me.

Aside from writing, I enjoy lots of other things. I would say I have a love for music; I play trombone, I sing, and I listen to music almost all the time. In addition to this, I run in two seasons and I enjoy playing basketball with my friends recreationally. Often, I waste hours on end watching different animes and other animated tv shows like Rick and Morty. I also find enjoyment in taking pictures and I draw occasionally. Nature is something that I appreciate and while on walks and hikes these hobbies intermingle. I’m super excited to be joining the Bitter Fruit Review!

Q: Do you have a writing routine? If so, what is it?

I don’t really have a consistent writing routine. When I write, it’s most frequently the result of spontaneous creativity. Over time I noticed that when I tried to force myself to write, the quality of my work was much lower.

Q: What's the last thing that inspired you?

The last thing I wrote was my review of “Cayendo” by Frank Ocean. To express this plainly, the beauty of the song made it so I felt the need to write about it, so that is what I did.

Q: How do you overcome creative blocks?

If I’m struggling to expand upon an idea, I don’t try to force myself to develop it. I let the concept sit until the rest of it comes to me naturally. I try to always come back to older things I draft to make sure I’m not wasting thought.

Q: What’s your favorite fruit?

There are many fruits that are quite delicious, but I would say kiwis are my favorite fruit.

Thanks for reading & stay tuned for more posts from Elan & the rest of us here at the Bitter Fruit Review!

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