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Meet the Staff: Olivia Madreperla

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Hi! My name is Olivia Madreperla, and I am a writer for the Bitter Fruit Review! I am currently a student at Newark Academy with a passion for works of literature. In fact, I am writing my IB extended essay on one of America’s greatest literary masterpieces, The Great Gatsby. My goal in writing for the Bitter Fruit Review is to share my love of the art of writing. Although a picture can say a thousand words, it can’t say two thousand. In fact, in my opinion, it can take less than a sentence to create a clear image in one’s mind of a scene or an experience. So, I hope you enjoy all of the content on this lovely website!

Q: Do you have a writing routine?

Actually, it isn’t much of a routine, but I try to just write. I try to not judge anything that I’m saying as I write. That is for the revision process.

Q: What’s the last thing that inspired you?

The last thing that inspired me was probably my most recent interview with Peter Frycki who is a writer for the magazine “Out in Jersey” magazine.

Q: How do you overcome creative block?

I usually take a walk. You would be surprised what nature can do.

Q: What’s your favorite fruit?


Thanks for reading & stay tuned for more posts from Olivia & the rest of us here at the Bitter Fruit Review!

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