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Review: "Cayendo" by Frank Ocean

by Elan Lakes, Staff Writer

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“Cayendo” is a work of art. To put it quite plainly: Mr. Ocean does not miss. Frank’s integration of his bars in Spanish are a pleasant surprise and truly leave a feeling of genuine bliss. The artistic choice to deliver these bars in Spanish gives the listener a feeling that simply cannot be taken in the same way if it were in English. Spanish is a language of love and the message Frank wishes to deliver can receive the respect it deserves through Spanish. It’s elegance is truly highlighted in Spanish, even if one cannot understand what it means. The seamless transition between Spanish and English combined with the spacey sound creates a sensation like no other. He sings about the euphoric feeling of “falling” associated with this particular type of love that has encapsulated him so. This is the sort of love that is unchanging, regardless of circumstance. Love that can leave one feeling suffocated, lost, and left behind.

The sound of “Cayendo” is the dazzling spawn of Frank’s previous tracks, “Moon River” and “Self Control.” The way his voice echoes at certain points (particularly 2:02) combined with the gentle yet prominent guitar riff makes one feel as if they’re floating on a boat down a cosmic river without a worry to be found. The lyrics feel as if they’re beckoning out to a lover that has been lost; it makes me feel as if I have a pressing desire to go on an expedition to find the individual that has left Mr. Ocean so enamored. It is impossible to listen to this song without it resonating deeply with a sad, yet pleasant memory of something beautiful.

Rating: 10/10

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