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Music That You Can Move To

By Lindy Feaster, Guest Contributor

During quarantine, I've been floating from one mood to the next within seconds. My emotions have been ever-changing and I've spent hours shut up in my room, staring into space, listening to music, just trying to figure myself out. Since most of my music reflects very strong moods, I've been feeling a little lost during my daily jam sessions. The overpowering emotion of many songs seems to block out my own thoughts, telling me how to feel and how to think. However, this has led me to delve into a new genre of more fluid soundscapes. These songs remind me of abstract art-they are what you make of them, and can be interpreted a million ways by the listener. I've listed a few of my favorites below, and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, all of these songs are made by/with Black artists. Enjoy!

Artist Dianna Lopez

"Abusey Junction" - KOKOROKO

"Unspoken Word - Intro" - The Soil

"rock n roll" - Dijon

"Takashi" - Flying Lotus

"Outre Lux" - Madison McFerrin, Photay

"Waiting For" - rum.gold, Jamila Woods

"10%" - KAYTRANADA, Kali Uchis

"Everything" - Kota the Friend, Lil Kota

"I'm a Kid" - Jadu Heart

"Back to Nature" - Nightmares on Wax

"Anahata" - Dianna Lopez

"Can I Kick It?" - A Tribe Called Quest

"Nature's Joint" - ((( o )))

Lindy Feaster is a tree lover, climate activist, and poet from the Sonoran Desert. She is a classical violinist, avid music lover, and competitive swimmer. Much of her work is inspired by unique soundscapes and the muses of the natural world. She is the co-founder of a climate justice journalism project, Voices of Change, that aims to amplify the diverse voices of the climate activism community through art and storytelling. 

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