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november playlist!

It’s November and the afternoons are getting darker, each passing sunset weary and gray-streaked. While there is much to bemoan about the dreariness of winter, we’ve compiled a list of songs to reflect on the subtle wonders of this moody month. Whether you’re drafting a piece for NaNoWriMo or simply lounging on the couch, we hope that these songs inspire and warm you.

“Just Like A Movie” by Wallows

“Marbles” by Frankie Cosmos

“Happiness is a butterfly” by Lana Del Rey

“Cut Your Bangs” by Girlpool

“LavaIceRink” by Cavetown

“Phoebe” by Ritt Momney

“Art Class” by beabadoobee

“Tommy’s Party” by Peach Pit

“Big Sis” by SALES

“Monsoon” by Hippo Campus

Happy Writing from the Bitter Fruit Review!

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