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Rising Star, BENEE, and "Superlonely"

By Michael Pyo, Staff Contributor 

New Zealand singer and songwriter Stella Rose Bennett, professionally known as BENEE, has taken indie-pop to another level in the music industry. Her quirky lyrics and bass-driven rhythms give her songs a catchy and unique vibe. Her debut EP, FIRE ON MARZZ, was released in June of 2019 and was only recognized by the world of indie, and Australia. It was not until November of 2019 when she released her sophomore EP, Stella & Steve, that she blew up. With the help of video creating platform TikTok, BENEE’s song “Supalonely,” debuted at No. 88 on the Billboard Top 100. Since then, she has been touring the world with Conan Gray, fellow rising star, selling out stadiums all across Europe and the US. “Supalonely” contributes to BENEE’s position as the 82nd current most listened artist on the streaming platform, Spotify. 

“Supalonely” is a fun, energetic, and upbeat song about being lonely. Ironic, right? The song has been used on over 10 million videos on TikTok and has topped the Spotify charts in recent months. BENEE says, “I was only with my producer and my manager, so I was feeling pretty lonely… but I just went in [the studio] with lots of energy and just said, ‘you know what, I’m gonna make a happy song.” The song’s versatility contributes to its success on the charts, allowing listeners to relate to the song whether they are happy or sad. “SupaLonely” is written in the time signature of 4/4, with a BPM of 128. This tempo lands in the musical category of Allegro, the Italian word for fast, quick, and bright. 

She starts her pre-chorus with, “I’m a sad girl, in this big world, it’s a mad world.” BENEE recorded “Supalonely” in Los Angeles, without her friends or family, and she felt small in the huge city of L.A. This loneliness also ties into her long-distance relationship with a guy that did not work out- a very relatable topic in today’s society. This song is very concentrated on the guilt she feels which is hidden in the lyrics of the song. At first, I was entrapped by the acoustics, bopping my head and dancing along. Her accent mixed in with auto-tune gave the song a unique tone and quality that only came with energic, foreign mixes. Little did I know, the song’s lyrics had different intentions than the beat. 

BENEE’s potential is truly unlimited, and I just wonder what more she could have done if the coronavirus pandemic did not exist. I am excited for her debut album, (EPs are not considered to be albums), and how she can stretch her creativity even further. 

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