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What I've Been Up To: Quarantine Edition

by Olivia Madreperla

As I have already told all of you, I have been engrossed in journaling lately, but that is not the only thing that I have been doing. I have found myself suffocating beneath piles of papers and internal pressures, but I have also found some productive coping mechanisms that I will take with me out of quarantine and into the actual, real, living world. Once the fear of clouds of resting spittle disappear I will certainly continue a few habits that I have developed during this prolonged period of sedentary monotony. The first and most simple thing that I have found myself doing lately is just drinking more water. Even during sports practices, I often found myself standing solitary among the vast expanse of field while my teammates desperately clawed their way towards their respective refreshments. I, on the other hand, am a literal camel. I can often go one or two days without drinking any water. That may seem more concerning than it actually is as I often find myself drinking other things that do contain some semblance of water, but, nonetheless, I might as well have two humps protruding from my backside rather than one. However, in these past weeks I have found myself drinking upwards of four glasses a day which, to a camel like me, is astonishing. It's almost as if water existed before quarantine. I wouldn’t have known.

On the more creative side of things, I have been teaching myself to draw various variations of different animal cartoons. I didn’t know this before, but I apparently have a strong affinity for unicorns. Whenever I choose to apply my newly garnered skill of drawing a singular cartoon unicorn from a meager profile view with limited detail at best, I find myself excitedly scanning the plethora of colored pencils I have displayed before myself to find the perfect color for the bottom right portion of the mane. Your unicorn’s mane doesn’t have different colors? Amateur. I have actually found an unnecessary amount of uses for my newly acquired skill. I managed to squeeze three different unicorns throughout my father’s birthday card. Needless to say, he laughed as if I belonged in a padded cell. To allow you some context, my father is the definition of the masculine man. A Boomer himself, he certainly projects a sense of traditional masculinity that can only be found in a man that grew up in the age of suburbanization and unpadded football. So, my unicorns were a surprise, but not entirely unappreciated.

I have also been working out a ton. In fact, as of today, my Peloton told me that I have been active for thirty-four days in a row. Some may see this as an early sign of insanity, but I am simply trying to keep myself from feeling as if I am stuck inside. Something about gasping for air as if drowning amongst a hurricane in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is a great reminder that the ocean does, in fact, exist despite the fact I am not able to enjoy it at the moment. I have been really enjoying my Peloton though. Everyone on there always seems so happy and effervescent. They all seem to radiate sunshine. If you haven’t heard, Peloton's app is doing a 90 day free trial for anyone that is interested during this quarantine time, so I highly recommend that everyone checks it out. It certainly puts a smile on my face with themed rides like rides with only Madonna music or only music from The Greatest Showman.

If you are looking for a new Netflix obsession, I highly recommend “The Stranger”. This show is a thriller that takes place in London with those beautifully accentuated accents. In my opinion, a man or a woman immediately becomes sexier once they drop into a British accent. Something about the lack of basic consonants is extremely attractive. Although this is a thriller, I highly suggest simply allowing yourself to flow with the ripples of the plot instead of trying (in vain) to understand each twist and turn of the plot. I promise you, you will tie the strands of your brain into irreparable knots if you attempt to arrive at the ending on your own. I highly encourage you, especially those of you like me who feel the need to have control at all times, to let go with this show and let yourself fall into a pattern of experiencing rather than anticipating. Life can be just that much more thrilling if you don’t try and predict what comes next.

If you end up trying out any of these random activities feel free to dm me @oliviarenee5 or email me at oliviarenee5@icloud.com with some of your experiences!

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