Submissions are now open! 


  • The Bitter Fruit Review accepts all forms of art: poetry, prose, memoirs, artwork (digital and analogue), songs, etc. Be creative! We love that! 

  • We accept submissions from those ages 12+

  • Please send us an email at, with the subject as your last name, first name, the title of your piece, and the genre of the piece. (ex. Frost, Robert, "The Road Not Taken", Poetry)​​ 

  • Writing submissions must be in a .pdf or .docx format and should not exceed 2000 words. Each individual work should be in a separate document.

  • We read all submissions blindly. Do not include your name inside the document. 

  • Please note that if your email is not sent through the above formatting, it will not be considered for publication.

  • We ask that the Bitter Fruit Review retains all first North American publishing rights after you publish with us. Your rights return to you after publication, but you must cite us in any future journals. 

  • We accept simultaneous submissions, but we no longer accept previously published work. Please notify us if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

  • The Bitter Fruit Review has absolutely no tolerance for plagiarism of any kind. If you are uncertain whether your work constitutes as plagiarism, cite all sources regardless, including images. 

  • The Bitter Fruit Review does not accept any work that is misogynistic, racist, homophobic, transphobic or directly targets any group of people for discrimination.